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Park Like a Pro

Parking can be hard, but where you can park should be easy. Take a look below for a breakdown of where you can park for free and where you can’t park in the Home Zone. Make sure you remember that you are still required to obey all the usual signage, restrictions, and by-laws. Members are also on the hook for any tickets or tows if parked illegally during stopovers, or when ending trips in any non-designated or approved Evo spots.

If you are unsure of where to park, feel free to give us a call and we can help clarify. Keep in mind if you start your trip in Victoria and head over to Vancouver, you can’t end your trip there. You can only end your trip in the Home Zone your car started in.

End your trip here

Here are some places you can park your Evo and end your trip. Plus, you can end your trip at 4 Hour Parking signs, 2 Hour Permit Parking signs, and at the airport, get more details here. Also you are free to park at any of our satellite parking locations, click here for details, and Grouse Mountain has two reserved spots and you are welcome to park in any legal spot at their parking lots. Tandem parking is also available on Expo Blvd, more info can be found here.

When parking in the Victoria Home Zone, you can end your trip at 90 minute parking signs, 2 hour, 3 hour, and 4 hour parking signs and 3 city surface lots: Royal Theatre, Royal Athletic, and Wharf Street. Also, feel free to end your trip at any of the 4 designated city parkades: Broughton (Library entrance off Courtney St), Johnson (between 7am and 9pm only), View, and Centennial.

2 hour parking
Parking in Evo reserved spot
Parking in designated 2 Evo spots
No parking at a meter

Unless the meter turns into a “no stopping” zone

Parking with permit

City of Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, and New Westminster only

Parking in residential blocks

City of Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, New Westminster, and City of Victoria only


Don't park here

Along with the below spot, avoid parking in unmarked underground or aboveground parkade spots and commercial parking lots such as grocery stores, unmarked private residential or park board properties, school zones, fire zones, passenger zones, accessible stalls, and event parking. Make sure you don’t park overnight in parks or areas designated with this signage. Also, don’t end your trip at any of the stopover areas below.

When using Evo in Victoria do not park in any stalls designated as “no overnight parking” or “car coop”. Avoid parking in 20 minute meter parking spots, unless for stopovers only, but make sure you feed the meter first. Be sure to avoid any meters with “no stopping” restrictions.  

No 1 hour parking

Stopovers only

If you would like to keep the car reserved while not driving you can make a stopover. You can do this by not ending your trip and instead using the key fob located in the glove box to lock and unlock the car. You can park at the below spots only when you are making a stop over but ensure you still follow any time or noted restriction, and remember to not end your trip at these spots or you will get a ticket.

Parking in designated 2 Evo spots

3PM - 6PM
Mon - Fri

No parking at a meter

Vancouver time restricted meters, only park outside of the times noted.


Parking at the airport

Yes, there is a satellite Home Zone in Park’N Fly at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) You can end your trip there and park for free. Here’s how it works:

You can drop off your Evo at Park’N Fly by entering through the main entrance. Simply end your trip using your Evo App or Membership card and leave your Evo with a parking attendant to valet park. Make sure to note your licence plate number, then head inside the Park’N Fly building and register your Evo. You can wait inside for the shuttle bus to take you to the main terminal. Shuttles depart for the terminal every 5-7 minutes and drop off at both the International terminal/Canada line station and the Domestic terminal, just note that you will need to go up a level from the drop off point to reach the departures level or the Canada line platform.


When picking up a car from Park’N Fly, we always recommend that you check for available cars and reserve your Evo before hopping on the shuttle bus. This just ensures a car is available for you when you need it. Shuttles back to the Park’N Fly lots depart every 5-7 minutes and pick-up from the Arrivals level for international passengers and from Level 3 for domestic passengers. Just let the shuttle driver know you are an Evo Member picking up a car at the Park’N Fly office. Once you arrive, just show your Evo Membership card at the checkout counter, you will receive an exit pass and be directed to where the vehicles are parked so you can exit the lot. Start your trip as usual and hit the road!

Parking at satellite locations

We have satellite parking locations – designated parking areas where you can start and end your Evo trip – at Park’N Fly at YVR Airport, Grouse Mountain, Park Royal (P5), Metrotown (roof parking off of Central Blvd) and University campuses such as UBC, SFU, BCIT, Capilano University, University of Victoria, and Camosun College Lansdowne Campus. Parking at UBC is only allowed in Evo reserved locations and lots. If you park Evo in non-reserved parking spots or lots, just make sure to pay for parking otherwise you may get a ticket or a tow. Check out the app to view the locations and descriptions of lots around UBC.


You can find reserved parking locations on the App and are able to use designated overflow lots when reserved parking locations are full. Parking outside designated overflow lots is not permitted.

Tandem parking

Our lot on Expo Blvd, near Costco and the Stadium Skytrain Station, is our only location that allows tandem parking, which is when two cars are able to park right behind one another in a single spot. When parking in a space that allows two Evo cars, make sure you pull all the way up to the sign post to allow other Members to park behind you.

If you have reserved a car that is blocked in by another Evo, we recommend you cancel your current reservation and take another Evo from the spot if it’s available.

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