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Park Like a Pro

Parking Evolve is easy. Take a look at the instructions below on where you can stopover and end your trip in Whistler. Make sure you remember that you’re still required to obey all applicable provincial laws and municipal by-laws. Members are also on the hook for any tickets if parked illegally during stopovers, or when ending trips in any non-designated Evolve Parking Zones.



End your trip at Evolve Parking Zones

Always start and end your trips at approved Evolve Parking Zones only in Whistler. You will find Evolve signage at each Parking Zone, you can also find the exact location by clicking on the e-bike parking pins on your Evo App.

We currently have 9 Parking Zones around town, including:

  • Whistler Olympic Plaza
  • Fitzsimmons Connector
  • Meadow Park Sports Centre
  • Function Junction
  • Rainbow Estates
  • Bayly Park
  • Alpha Lake
  • Whistler Community Services Society
  • Whistler Howe Sound Women’s Centre



You can make a stop during your trip anywhere simply by clicking “Stopover” in the app to secure your e-bike. When making a stop, just make sure you don’t leave your e-bike anywhere that might get in the way of other pedestrians or vehicles so we can share paths and roads with everyone.

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